Thursday, September 23, 2010

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Try it again until you kill him. The Drone Campaign has claimed a high profile target in South Waziristan. According to Xinhua (September 22, 2010):

A militant commander, Mullah Shamsullah, and 15 militants were killed Tuesday evening as U.S. pilotless drones struck South Waziristan, one of the seven tribal agencies in northwest Pakistan bordering Afghanistan, local sources told Xinhua.

The U.S. pilotless drones fired missiles at the Azam Warsak bazaar, 18 km west of Wana, the administrative headquarters of South Waziristan, hitting the hideouts of the militant commander, witnesses said.

Sources said Mullah Shamsullah was killed in the attack, but official sources could not confirm. He was an important and the strongest Taliban leader in Wana and literally ruled on behalf of Al-Qaida leader Mullah Nazir in the area. Four drones are still taking flight over the area keeping harassment among local residents. Eyewitnesses said that locals are migrating out of the area.

Hours earlier, a vehicle in Ghundo Warsak area was hit by a drone and eight militants were killed, eyewitness Hafiz Wazir told Xinhua. Mullah Shamsullah was said to have been targeted in that attack.

So, Mullah Nazir's second in command, Mullah Shamsullah, was killed outside of Azam Warsak, just across the border from Afghanistan. One would think that if they almost killed you earlier in the day, you might want to lay low until things cool down. By the way, Nazir is a Taliban leader, not an al Qaeda leader, although there isn't much difference these days.


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